regionals_celebration-2009_12_13You can make an elite program even stronger

When you become a member of Point U! Boosters, you’ll become part of a community that helps sustain the financial strength of one of the nation’s elite volleyball programs. Each year, we sponsor the team’s annual banquet and raise funds that directly benefit the program. Recently, we helped raise significant funds to support upgrades to the locker room, which were completed in the fall of 2013. Your membership is also your ticket to experience unique opportunities, such as:

  • Attend post-match receptions where you can meet the players and coaches, plus have the opportunity to win Scholarship Seating at an upcoming match.
  • Receive discount pricing for the team’s annual awards banquet, which is held in a luxury reception room at TCF Bank Stadium.
  • Receive an exclusive newsletter that includes behind-the-scenes interviews with players and coaches.
  • Join other members on chartered road trips to select away matches, and more!

Membership levels

Our membership levels offer a variety of options for members. Membership is an important part of our fundraising efforts. In 2013, our membership drive helped raise $5,420 for the Gopher Volleyball operating fund.  And in 2014, we raised $7,443 for the operating fund. 





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