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  1. I am so proud of this MN Gopher Volleyball team this year and as such I want to show my and I am hoping all the crowds appreciation this Wednesday night . What I would like the pointubooster club to do as well as the entire crowd is give the girls a standing ovation as they come out of the locker room to start the 1st game. Couldn’t we have Goldy and some other booster club members pass the word on and let at least the booster club stand up and then I think that everyone in the Pavillion would get the idea how much the entire Gopherdom appreciate these “never say die Gophers” mean to us.

  2. Will the booster club be receiving a block of tickets for the Final Four in Omaha, and if so, could i be added to the list to receive one?

    • Hello. We will not receive a block of tickets. As of now, the best option will be to contact the Gopher ticket office and the NCAA ticket office. Thanks!

  3. will the PointU boosters have any functions going on at the finial 4

    reception, meet and greet , have they got any hotels or meeting halls reserved

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